You Can Bet On The Bring Your Own Algorithm (BYOA) Trend, Including For AI Autonomous Cars 

 You Can Bet On The Bring Your Own Algorithm (BYOA) Trend, Including For AI Autonomous Cars 

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider 

I’m sure that you are familiar with BYOB. Some say that BYOB stands for bring your own beverage. Alternatively, the popular saying refers to bring your own booze, or maybe bring your own beer, or ostensibly just alludes to bring your own bottle. 

To each their own.   

A less well-known acronym is BYOD. Have you heard that one? BYOD refers to bring your own device and popped up in the last several years. The idea is that when you go to work for a company, one approach to outfitting you with a smartphone and a laptop consists of issuing those devices to you (owned by your employer), while an alternative approach entails letting you use your own personal devices instead (you own them).   

What about BYOA?   

That’s a new one, so don’t feel downbeat if you don’t know what it refers to. The BYOA stands for bring your own algorithm. 

That’s right, the last part of the saying encompasses the notion of algorithms. It seems like everyone these days is talking about algorithms. Businesses are being told that they will someday be run entirely by an algorithm and there won’t be much for humans to do. Some naysayers are warning us to be on the watch for sneaky and underhanded algorithms. Those kinds of algorithms are devised to fool humans or cheat humans out of one thing or another. 

Algorithms, algorithms, algorithms.   

Now, the latest way to think about algorithms involves arming yourself with algorithms that are on your side, acting as your algorithmic protector. In this dog-eat-dog world, if businesses and others are going to use algorithms to come at you and try to manage you or take your money, it seems altogether logical and outright prudent to arm yourself with algorithms to fight back at the onslaught.   

Would you go unarmed into a knife fight? Of course not. You would want to have a sharp knife in your belt that could be brandished and used when necessary. The thing is, in terms of algorithms, by-and-large all that you are armed with is your noggin, and you don’t have any computer-based algorithms that are tuned and sharpened to be an armament just for you.   

Until now. 

Let’s assume that you nearly always carry your smartphone with you. Suppose you could load some algorithms onto your smartphone that would be used by you as a means to go toe-to-toe with any outsider algorithms that you encounter throughout your daily efforts. This makes a lot of plain sense, and you would be eager to have those algorithms loaded and ready to bear. 

Consider for example the BYOA that is emerging in the healthcare and medical realm. 

One day, you go to see your physician about a pain that you’ve been experiencing in your shoulder. The doctor takes a look, asks you to move your arms, and carefully studies the shoulder area. Afte


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