When do GANs replicate? On the choice of dataset size. (arXiv:2202.11765v1 [cs.LG])

Do GANs replicate training images? Previous studies have shown that GANs do
not seem to replicate training data without significant change in the training
procedure. This leads to a series of research on the exact condition needed for
GANs to overfit to the training data. Although a number of factors has been
theoretically or empirically identified, the effect of dataset size and
complexity on GANs replication is still unknown. With empirical evidence from
BigGAN and StyleGAN2, on datasets CelebA, Flower and LSUN-bedroom, we show that
dataset size and its complexity play an important role in GANs replication and
perceptual quality of the generated images. We further quantify this
relationship, discovering that replication percentage decays exponentially with
respect to dataset size and complexity, with a shared decaying factor across
GAN-dataset combinations. Meanwhile, the perceptual image quality follows a
U-shape trend w.r.t dataset size. This finding leads to a practical tool for
one-shot estimation on minimal dataset size to prevent GAN replication which
can be used to guide datasets construction and selection.

Source: https://arxiv.org/abs/2202.11765


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