Versatile Weight Attack via Flipping Limited Bits. (arXiv:2207.12405v1 [cs.CR])

To explore the vulnerability of deep neural networks (DNNs), many attack
paradigms have been well studied, such as the poisoning-based backdoor attack
in the training stage and the adversarial attack in the inference stage. In
this paper, we study a novel attack paradigm, which modifies model parameters
in the deployment stage. Considering the effectiveness and stealthiness goals,
we provide a general formulation to perform the bit-flip based weight attack,
where the effectiveness term could be customized depending on the attacker’s
purpose. Furthermore, we present two cases of the general formulation with
different malicious purposes, i.e., single sample attack (SSA) and triggered
samples attack (TSA). To this end, we formulate this problem as a mixed integer
programming (MIP) to jointly determine the state of the binary bits (0 or 1) in
the memory and learn the sample modification. Utilizing the latest technique in
integer programming, we equivalently reformulate this MIP problem as a
continuous optimization problem, which can be effectively and efficiently
solved using the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) method.
Consequently, the flipped critical bits can be easily determined through
optimization, rather than using a heuristic strategy. Extensive experiments
demonstrate the superiority of SSA and TSA in attacking DNNs.



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