Transfer Learning Between Different Architectures Via Weights Injection. (arXiv:2101.02757v1 [cs.LG])

This work presents a naive algorithm for parameter transfer between different
architectures with a computationally cheap injection technique (which does not
require data). The primary objective is to speed up the training of neural
networks from scratch. It was found in this study that transferring knowledge
from any architecture was superior to Kaiming and Xavier for initialization. In
conclusion, the method presented is found to converge faster, which makes it a
drop-in replacement for classical methods. The method involves: 1) matching:
the layers of the pre-trained model with the targeted model; 2) injection: the
tensor is transformed into a desired shape. This work provides a comparison of
similarity between the current SOTA architectures (ImageNet), by utilising TLI
(Transfer Learning by Injection) score.



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