TimbreTron: A WaveNet(CycleGAN(CQT(Audio))) Pipeline for Musical Timbre Transfer. (arXiv:1811.09620v3 [cs.SD] UPDATED)

In this work, we address the problem of musical timbre transfer, where the
goal is to manipulate the timbre of a sound sample from one instrument to match
another instrument while preserving other musical content, such as pitch,
rhythm, and loudness. In principle, one could apply image-based style transfer
techniques to a time-frequency representation of an audio signal, but this
depends on having a representation that allows independent manipulation of
timbre as well as high-quality waveform generation. We introduce TimbreTron, a
method for musical timbre transfer which applies “image” domain style transfer
to a time-frequency representation of the audio signal, and then produces a
high-quality waveform using a conditional WaveNet synthesizer. We show that the
Constant Q Transform (CQT) representation is particularly well-suited to
convolutional architectures due to its approximate pitch equivariance. Based on
human perceptual evaluations, we confirmed that TimbreTron recognizably
transferred the timbre while otherwise preserving the musical content, for both
monophonic and polyphonic samples.

Source: https://arxiv.org/abs/1811.09620


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