The Two Faces of AI in Green Mobile Computing: A Literature Review. (arXiv:2308.04436v1 [cs.AI])

Artificial intelligence is bringing ever new functionalities to the realm of
mobile devices that are now considered essential (e.g., camera and voice
assistants, recommender systems). Yet, operating artificial intelligence takes
up a substantial amount of energy. However, artificial intelligence is also
being used to enable more energy-efficient solutions for mobile systems. Hence,
artificial intelligence has two faces in that regard, it is both a key enabler
of desired (efficient) mobile functionalities and a major power draw on these
devices, playing a part in both the solution and the problem. In this paper, we
present a review of the literature of the past decade on the usage of
artificial intelligence within the realm of green mobile computing. From the
analysis of 34 papers, we highlight the emerging patterns and map the field
into 13 main topics that are summarized in details.

Our results showcase that the field is slowly increasing in the past years,
more specifically, since 2019. Regarding the double impact AI has on the mobile
energy consumption, the energy consumption of AI-based mobile systems is
under-studied in comparison to the usage of AI for energy-efficient mobile
computing, and we argue for more exploratory studies in that direction. We
observe that although most studies are framed as solution papers (94%), the
large majority do not make those solutions publicly available to the community.
Moreover, we also show that most contributions are purely academic (28 out of
34 papers) and that we need to promote the involvement of the mobile software
industry in this field.



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