System Fingerprints Detection for DeepFake Audio: An Initial Dataset and Investigation. (arXiv:2208.10489v1 [cs.SD])

Many effective attempts have been made for deepfake audio detection. However,
they can only distinguish between real and fake. For many practical application
scenarios, what tool or algorithm generated the deepfake audio also is needed.
This raises a question: Can we detect the system fingerprints of deepfake
audio? Therefore, this paper conducts a preliminary investigation to detect
system fingerprints of deepfake audio. Experiments are conducted on deepfake
audio datasets from five latest deep-learning speech synthesis systems. The
results show that LFCC features are relatively more suitable for system
fingerprints detection. Moreover, the ResNet achieves the best detection
results among LCNN and x-vector based models. The t-SNE visualization shows
that different speech synthesis systems generate distinct system fingerprints.



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