Structure-aware Protein Self-supervised Learning. (arXiv:2204.04213v1 [cs.LG])

Protein representation learning methods have shown great potential to yield
useful representation for many downstream tasks, especially on protein
classification. Moreover, a few recent studies have shown great promise in
addressing insufficient labels of proteins with self-supervised learning
methods. However, existing protein language models are usually pretrained on
protein sequences without considering the important protein structural
information. To this end, we propose a novel structure-aware protein
self-supervised learning method to effectively capture structural information
of proteins. In particular, a well-designed graph neural network (GNN) model is
pretrained to preserve the protein structural information with self-supervised
tasks from a pairwise residue distance perspective and a dihedral angle
perspective, respectively. Furthermore, we propose to leverage the available
protein language model pretrained on protein sequences to enhance the
self-supervised learning. Specifically, we identify the relation between the
sequential information in the protein language model and the structural
information in the specially designed GNN model via a novel pseudo bi-level
optimization scheme. Experiments on several supervised downstream tasks verify
the effectiveness of our proposed method.



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