Single-Qubit Fidelity Assessment of Quantum Annealing Hardware. (arXiv:2104.03335v1 [quant-ph])

As a wide variety of quantum computing platforms become available, methods
for assessing and comparing the performance of these devices are of increasing
interest and importance. Inspired by the success of single-qubit error rate
computations for tracking the progress of gate-based quantum computers, this
work proposes a Quantum Annealing Single-qubit Assessment (QASA) protocol for
quantifying the performance of individual qubits in quantum annealing
computers. The proposed protocol scales to large quantum annealers with
thousands of qubits and provides unique insights into the distribution of qubit
properties within a particular hardware device. The efficacy of the QASA
protocol is demonstrated by analyzing the properties of a D-Wave 2000Q system,
revealing unanticipated correlations in the qubit performance of that device. A
study repeating the QASA protocol at different annealing times highlights how
the method can be utilized to understand the impact of annealing parameters on
qubit performance. Overall, the proposed QASA protocol provides a useful tool
for assessing the performance of current and emerging quantum annealing



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