Routine Usage of AI-based Chest X-ray Reading Support in a Multi-site Medical Supply Center. (arXiv:2210.10779v1 [eess.IV])

Research question: How can we establish an AI support for reading of chest
X-rays in clinical routine and which benefits emerge for the clinicians and
radiologists. Can it perform 24/7 support for practicing clinicians? 2.
Findings: We installed an AI solution for Chest X-ray in a given structure (MVZ
Uhlenbrock & Partner, Germany). We could demonstrate the practicability,
performance, and benefits in 10 connected clinical sites. 3. Meaning: A
commercially available AI solution for the evaluation of Chest X-ray images is
able to help radiologists and clinical colleagues 24/7 in a complex
environment. The system performs in a robust manner, supporting radiologists
and clinical colleagues in their important decisions, in practises and
hospitals regardless of the user and X-ray system type producing the



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