Robot Vitals and Robot Health: Towards Systematically Quantifying Runtime Performance Degradation in Robots Under Adverse Conditions. (arXiv:2207.01684v1 [cs.RO])

This paper addresses the problem of automatically detecting and quantifying
performance degradation in remote mobile robots during task execution. A robot
may encounter a variety of uncertainties and adversities during task execution,
which can impair its ability to carry out tasks effectively and cause its
performance to degrade. Such situations can be mitigated or averted by timely
detection and intervention (e.g., by a remote human supervisor taking over
control in teleoperation mode). Inspired by patient triaging systems in
hospitals, we introduce the framework of “robot vitals” for estimating overall
“robot health”. A robot’s vitals are a set of indicators that estimate the
extent of performance degradation faced by a robot at a given point in time.
Robot health is a metric that combines robot vitals into a single scalar value
estimate of performance degradation. Experiments, both in simulation and on a
real mobile robot, demonstrate that the proposed robot vitals and robot health
can be used effectively to estimate robot performance degradation during



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