Raidionics: an open software for pre- and postoperative central nervous system tumor segmentation and standardized reporting. (arXiv:2305.14351v1 [])

For patients suffering from central nervous system tumors, prognosis
estimation, treatment decisions, and postoperative assessments are made from
the analysis of a set of magnetic resonance (MR) scans. Currently, the lack of
open tools for standardized and automatic tumor segmentation and generation of
clinical reports, incorporating relevant tumor characteristics, leads to
potential risks from inherent decisions’ subjectivity. To tackle this problem,
the proposed Raidionics open-source software has been developed, offering both
a user-friendly graphical user interface and stable processing backend. The
software includes preoperative segmentation models for each of the most common
tumor types (i.e., glioblastomas, lower grade gliomas, meningiomas, and
metastases), together with one early postoperative glioblastoma segmentation
model. Preoperative segmentation performances were quite homogeneous across the
four different brain tumor types, with an average Dice around 85% and
patient-wise recall and precision around 95%. Postoperatively, performances
were lower with an average Dice of 41%. Overall, the generation of a
standardized clinical report, including the tumor segmentation and features
computation, requires about ten minutes on a regular laptop. The proposed
Raidionics software is the first open solution enabling an easy use of
state-of-the-art segmentation models for all major tumor types, including
preoperative and postsurgical standardized reports.



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