PanGu-Coder: Program Synthesis with Function-Level Language Modeling. (arXiv:2207.11280v1 [cs.LG])

We present PanGu-Coder, a pretrained decoder-only language model adopting the
PanGu-Alpha architecture for text-to-code generation, i.e. the synthesis of
programming language solutions given a natural language problem description. We
train PanGu-Coder using a two-stage strategy: the first stage employs Causal
Language Modelling (CLM) to pre-train on raw programming language data, while
the second stage uses a combination of Causal Language Modelling and Masked
Language Modelling (MLM) training objectives that focus on the downstream task
of text-to-code generation and train on loosely curated pairs of natural
language program definitions and code functions. Finally, we discuss
PanGu-Coder-FT, which is fine-tuned on a combination of competitive programming
problems and code with continuous integration tests. We evaluate PanGu-Coder
with a focus on whether it generates functionally correct programs and
demonstrate that it achieves equivalent or better performance than similarly
sized models, such as CodeX, while attending a smaller context window and
training on less data.



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