On Computational Mechanisms for Shared Intentionality, and Speculation on Rationality and Consciousness. (arXiv:2306.13657v1 [cs.AI])

A singular attribute of humankind is our ability to undertake novel,
cooperative behavior, or teamwork. This requires that we can communicate goals,
plans, and ideas between the brains of individuals to create shared
intentionality. Using the information processing model of David Marr, I derive
necessary characteristics of basic mechanisms to enable shared intentionality
between computational agents and indicate how these could be implemented in
present-day AI-based robots.

More speculatively, I suggest the mechanisms derived by this thought
experiment apply to humans and extend to provide explanations for human
rationality and aspects of intentional and phenomenal consciousness that accord
with observation. This yields what I call the Shared Intentionality First
Theory (SIFT) for rationality and consciousness.

Source: https://arxiv.org/abs/2306.13657


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