Modelling non-reinforced preferences using selective attention. (arXiv:2207.13699v1 [cs.LG])

How can artificial agents learn non-reinforced preferences to continuously
adapt their behaviour to a changing environment? We decompose this question
into two challenges: ($i$) encoding diverse memories and ($ii$) selectively
attending to these for preference formation. Our proposed
emph{no}n-emph{re}inforced preference learning mechanism using selective
attention, textsc{Nore}, addresses both by leveraging the agent’s world model
to collect a diverse set of experiences which are interleaved with imagined
roll-outs to encode memories. These memories are selectively attended to, using
attention and gating blocks, to update agent’s preferences. We validate
textsc{Nore} in a modified OpenAI Gym FrozenLake environment (without any
external signal) with and without volatility under a fixed model of the
environment — and compare its behaviour to textsc{Pepper}, a Hebbian
preference learning mechanism. We demonstrate that textsc{Nore} provides a
straightforward framework to induce exploratory preferences in the absence of
external signals.



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