Misclassifying A Snowman As A Pedestrian Is Troublesome For AI Autonomous Cars 

 Misclassifying A Snowman As A Pedestrian Is Troublesome For AI Autonomous Cars 

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider    

We misclassify a lot of things, all the time, daily, and at any moment. 

You are waiting in a restaurant for a friend to come and have lunch with you. Your eyes are scanning the people that are entering the busy eatery. Assume that it is a cold day and raining or snowing, which means that most of those coming into the restaurant are wearing heavy clothes and generally covered up. It would be quite easy to spot someone that appeared to be your friend, based perhaps on their height and overall shape, yet once they removed their coat and hat, presumably by now seeing clearly the face of the person, you would realize it is not the person you were waiting for. 

No harm, no foul. But consider another example of a misclassification, though one with greater consequences.   

You are driving your car on a winding road. It is hard to see very far ahead. As you come around a sharp curve, there is something in the middle of the roadway. What is it? Your mind races to quickly assess the nature of the object. Time is a key factor. You need to decide whether to try and swerve around the object, which is going to be dangerous to perform, or directly plow into the object, another potentially dangerous act. 

In a split second of available attention, your mind decides it is a tumbleweed. 

Usually, it is feasible to ram into a tumbleweed and do so without any notably adverse results. Sure, your car paint might get scratched, but at least you stayed in your lane and did not incur the dangers of swerving, especially on this winding road that was (let’s say) rounding on sheer cliffs. So, you drive immediately ahead, and the tumbleweed lightly smacks your car. You are still thankfully safe and sound, able to continue the driving journey unabated.   

But imagine that in that brief moment of classification, you inadvertently misclassified the object.   

Turns out it was a meshy ball of steel cables that had come from a construction site and fallen off the back of a truck on this same winding road. The mesh was rolling and bobbling, just like a tumbleweed, and happened to be painted white and resembled a tumbleweed in both looks and actions on the roadway. Yikes, your decision to proceed ahead based on the belief that this was a tumbleweed is now quite problematic. You strike the object and it smashes your left headlight and gets entangled with your tires. A tire blows out. The car is now difficult to control.   

That’s an example of how misclassification can ruin your day (let’s assume, for sake of discussion, you, fortunately, survive the incident and live to tell the tale of the misclassified tumbleweed, so go ahead and let out a sigh of relief, and continue reading herein). 

Why bring up this discussion about classifications and mi


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