Investigating AI’s Challenges in Reasoning and Explanation from a Historical Perspective. (arXiv:2311.10097v1 [cs.AI])

This paper provides an overview of the intricate relationship between social
dynamics, technological advancements, and pioneering figures in the fields of
cybernetics and artificial intelligence. It explores the impact of
collaboration and interpersonal relationships among key scientists, such as
McCulloch, Wiener, Pitts, and Rosenblatt, on the development of cybernetics and
neural networks. It also discusses the contested attribution of credit for
important innovations like the backpropagation algorithm and the potential
consequences of unresolved debates within emerging scientific domains.

It emphasizes how interpretive flexibility, public perception, and the
influence of prominent figures can shape the trajectory of a new field. It
highlights the role of funding, media attention, and alliances in determining
the success and recognition of various research approaches. Additionally, it
points out the missed opportunities for collaboration and integration between
symbolic AI and neural network researchers, suggesting that a more unified
approach may be possible in today’s era without the historical baggage of past



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