InCoder: A Generative Model for Code Infilling and Synthesis. (arXiv:2204.05999v1 [cs.SE])

Code is seldom written in a single left-to-right pass and is instead
repeatedly edited and refined. We introduce InCoder, a unified generative model
that can perform program synthesis (via left-to-right generation) as well as
editing (via infilling). InCoder is trained to generate code files from a large
corpus of permissively licensed code, where regions of code have been randomly
masked and moved to the end of each file, allowing code infilling with
bidirectional context. Our model is the first generative model that is able to
directly perform zero-shot code infilling, which we evaluate on challenging
tasks such as type inference, comment generation, and variable re-naming. We
find that the ability to condition on bidirectional context substantially
improves performance on these tasks, while still performing comparably on
standard program synthesis benchmarks in comparison to left-to-right only
models pretrained at similar scale. The InCoder models and code are publicly



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