IBM contributes popular Node.js framework to the OpenJS Foundation

Today at OpenJS World, IBM announced our contribution of LoopBack to the OpenJS Foundation as an incubating project. LoopBack is an extensible Node.js and TypeScript framework for building APIs and microservices that connect to databases, services, and infrastructure with minimal coding.

We believe that joining the OpenJS Foundation will help the project continue to grow its community contributors base through open governance within the foundation.

“Beyond the value of the framework itself, we strive to build a diverse open source community and develop contributors and maintainers for the project. Joining the OpenJS Foundation is a natural next step for LoopBack as it truly reflects our culture of collaboration and commitment to further grow the project and community under the open governance. I look forward to welcoming more users and contributors to LoopBack in the near future” says Raymond Feng, Co-author of LoopBack and CTO at Abridged Inc.

LoopBack helps developers build better applications

Developers can use LoopBack’s ecosystem of TypeScript packages to build large-scale Node.js application on top of the API creation usage. For cloud-native deployments, LoopBack offers built-in extensions for:

  • Health checks
  • Metrics collections
  • Distributed tracing
  • Logging

It also offers default Dockerfile creation for new applications and supports cloud-native protocols such as gRPC and OpenAPI. By bundling the entire experience of building a REST API service and REST API layer closely integrated with data-access layer (ORM), LoopBack makes it much easier and faster to build CRUD-like APIs. Its CLI tooling scaffolds project artifacts to make the process even quicker.

LoopBack is one of only a few Node.js frameworks to support proprietary databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2 and the like. The framework is also one of the only Node.js frameworks to provide an easy integration with SOAP services.

Helping partners succeed

Numerous organizations have adopted LoopBack in their production workloads, with great results. One company that has found success using LoopBack is SourceFuse, which builds mobile, custom software, SaaS, and IoT products in the cloud.

SourceFuse is excited about LoopBack’s move to the OpenJS Foundation, with Principal Architect Samarpan Bhattacharya commenting, “With LoopBack joining the OpenJS Foundation, we look forward to working with an even larger developer community. Our open source catalog of microservices was possible because of the easy extensibility, scalability, robustness and flexible architecture design principle of the LoopBack framework overall. These 7 reusable microservices have saved us almost 50% of dev effort. In addition to that, we have been able to contribute 9 other useful extensions to the LoopBack community. We look forward to this new phase of LoopBack and will keep on contributing to this framework as active contributors, evangelists and users.”

We look forward to building new relationships that are mutually beneficial to the company and the community.

Growing ecosystem

Today, LoopBack has about 180k monthly downloads on npmjs and more than 3.6k GitHub stars. Our Slack workspace, a platform for community helping each other out, has 900+ members and counting! Also, LoopBack continues to be part of the IBM API Connect offering.

Learn more about LoopBack

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Join us in the community

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