Formalization of the principles of brain Programming (Brain Principles Programming). (arXiv:2206.03487v1 [cs.AI])

In the monograph “Strong artificial intelligence. On the Approaches to
Superintelligence” contains an overview of general artificial intelligence
(AGI). As an anthropomorphic research area, it includes Brain Principles
Programming (BPP) — the formalization of universal mechanisms (principles) of
the brain work with information, which are implemented at all levels of the
organization of nervous tissue. This monograph contains a formalization of
these principles in terms of category theory. However, this formalization is
not enough to develop algorithms for working with information. In this paper,
for the description and modeling of BPP, it is proposed to apply mathematical
models and algorithms developed earlier, which modeling cognitive functions and
base on well-known physiological, psychological and other natural science
theories. The paper uses mathematical models and algorithms of the following
theories: P.K.Anokhin Theory of Functional Brain Systems, Eleanor Rosch
prototypical categorization theory, Bob Rehder theory of causal models and
“natural” classification. As a result, a formalization of BPP is obtained and
computer experiments demonstrating the operation of algorithms are presented.



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