Feedback Shaping: A Modeling Approach to Nurture Content Creation. (arXiv:2106.11312v1 [cs.CY])

Social media platforms bring together content creators and content consumers
through recommender systems like newsfeed. The focus of such recommender
systems has thus far been primarily on modeling the content consumer
preferences and optimizing for their experience. However, it is equally
critical to nurture content creation by prioritizing the creators’ interests,
as quality content forms the seed for sustainable engagement and conversations,
bringing in new consumers while retaining existing ones. In this work, we
propose a modeling approach to predict how feedback from content consumers
incentivizes creators. We then leverage this model to optimize the newsfeed
experience for content creators by reshaping the feedback distribution, leading
to a more active content ecosystem. Practically, we discuss how we balance the
user experience for both consumers and creators, and how we carry out online
A/B tests with strong network effects. We present a deployed use case on the
LinkedIn newsfeed, where we used this approach to improve content creation
significantly without compromising the consumers’ experience.



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