Detecting and analyzing missing citations to published scientific entities. (arXiv:2210.10073v1 [cs.DL])

Proper citation is of great importance in academic writing for it enables
knowledge accumulation and maintains academic integrity. However, citing
properly is not an easy task. For published scientific entities, the
ever-growing academic publications and over-familiarity of terms easily lead to
missing citations. To deal with this situation, we design a special method
Citation Recommendation for Published Scientific Entity (CRPSE) based on the
cooccurrences between published scientific entities and in-text citations in
the same sentences from previous researchers. Experimental outcomes show the
effectiveness of our method in recommending the source papers for published
scientific entities. We further conduct a statistical analysis on missing
citations among papers published in prestigious computer science conferences in
2020. In the 12,278 papers collected, 475 published scientific entities of
computer science and mathematics are found to have missing citations. Many
entities mentioned without citations are found to be well-accepted research
results. On a median basis, the papers proposing these published scientific
entities with missing citations were published 8 years ago, which can be
considered the time frame for a published scientific entity to develop into a
well-accepted concept. For published scientific entities, we appeal for
accurate and full citation of their source papers as required by academic



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