Dependency Structure Misspecification in Multi-Source Weak Supervision Models. (arXiv:2106.10302v1 [cs.LG])

Data programming (DP) has proven to be an attractive alternative to costly
hand-labeling of data.

In DP, users encode domain knowledge into emph{labeling functions} (LF),
heuristics that label a subset of the data noisily and may have complex
dependencies. A label model is then fit to the LFs to produce an estimate of
the unknown class label.

The effects of label model misspecification on test set performance of a
downstream classifier are understudied. This presents a serious awareness gap
to practitioners, in particular since the dependency structure among LFs is
frequently ignored in field applications of DP.

We analyse modeling errors due to structure over-specification.

We derive novel theoretical bounds on the modeling error and empirically show
that this error can be substantial, even when modeling a seemingly sensible



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