Customized Watermarking for Deep Neural Networks via Label Distribution Perturbation. (arXiv:2208.05477v1 [cs.CR])

With the increasing application value of machine learning, the intellectual
property (IP) rights of deep neural networks (DNN) are getting more and more
attention. With our analysis, most of the existing DNN watermarking methods can
resist fine-tuning and pruning attack, but distillation attack. To address
these problem, we propose a new DNN watermarking framework, Unified Soft-label
Perturbation (USP), having a detector paired with the model to be watermarked,
and Customized Soft-label Perturbation (CSP), embedding watermark via adding
perturbation into the model output probability distribution. Experimental
results show that our methods can resist all watermark removal attacks and
outperform in distillation attack. Besides, we also have an excellent trade-off
between the main task and watermarking that achieving 98.68% watermark accuracy
while only affecting the main task accuracy by 0.59%.



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