Correcting Momentum with Second-order Information. (arXiv:2103.03265v1 [cs.LG])

We develop a new algorithm for non-convex stochastic optimization that finds
an $epsilon$-critical point in the optimal $O(epsilon^{-3})$ stochastic
gradient and hessian-vector product computations. Our algorithm uses
Hessian-vector products to “correct” a bias term in the momentum of SGD with
momentum. This leads to better gradient estimates in a manner analogous to
variance reduction methods. In contrast to prior work, we do not require
excessively large batch sizes (or indeed any restrictions at all on the batch
size), and both our algorithm and its analysis are much simpler. We validate
our results on a variety of large-scale deep learning benchmarks and
architectures, where we see improvements over SGD and Adam.



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