Computing Optimal Location of Microphone for Improved Speech Recognition. (arXiv:2203.13259v1 [eess.AS])

It was shown in our earlier work that the measurement error in the microphone
position affected the room impulse response (RIR) which in turn affected the
single-channel close microphone and multi-channel distant microphone speech
recognition. In this paper, as an extension, we systematically study to
identify the optimal location of the microphone, given an approximate and hence
erroneous location of the microphone in 3D space. The primary idea is to use
Monte-Carlo technique to generate a large number of random microphone positions
around the erroneous microphone position and select the microphone position
that results in the best performance of a general purpose automatic speech
recognition (gp-asr). We experiment with clean and noisy speech and show that
the optimal location of the microphone is unique and is affected by noise.



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