Coming Grandeur Of Autonomous Vehicles Data Via Multiple Cloud Hookup 

 Coming Grandeur Of Autonomous Vehicles Data Via Multiple Cloud Hookup 

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider 

What happens when you put multiple clouds together?   

If your first thought drifts toward wonderous clouds in the sky, perhaps your answer might be that you end-up with clouds that could be described as cirrus, alto, stratus, or perhaps cumulonimbus in nature. For those that relish watching the formation of clouds, lazily observing as the fluffy crystals gently float along, you can witness quite a dance. You might watch in rapt amazement as they float off toward the horizon. 

I don’t want to interrupt your idyllic daydreaming, but the kind of clouds that I was referring to is  state-of-the-art computing resources and has become an essential element for any modern-day company. 

A recent news announcement that garnered some outsized headlines provides ample indication of how multi-cloud amalgamations are soon going to emerge as a vital cornerstone of commerce and proffer savvy opportunities across all industries and sectors of business.   

A cavalcade of hospitals announced that they are banding together to create a supercharged data collection of health data. Top named hospital systems such as Tenet Healthcare, Trinity Health, Aurora Health, Providence, and others are forming a virtual multi-cloud collective, doing so as part of the startup launch of Truveta Inc. (a newly formed company that will aggregate, analyze, and sell anonymized health-related golden nuggets, as it were).   

Besides bringing together data on a massive scale that no single hospital system would have, the cooperative aims to go beyond just being a mighty storehouse of health-related info. The belief is that AI systems can turn the abundance of data into actionable results. Aspirations include quicker cures for diseases, personalized medicine will finally become a reality, and vast improvements in health equity.   

The tagline: saving lives with data.   

Of course, they will have to showcase that the data is well-protected and anonymized. Estimates are that they will initially be able to bring together nearly 13% of the clinical care data across the entire United States. Pulling together this immensity of data is a huge lift onto itself, let alone also ensuring that there are appropriate privacy controls, security locks, and everything else needed to make sure this valuable data asset is used for good and not for bad.    

What other industries or business sectors are ripe for a multi-cloud bonanza?  

Yes, you might have guessed that I am thinking about the realm of autonomous vehicles. Those readers that follow my coverage know that autonomous vehicles are predicted to demonstrably change our world. 

This is not just going to merely alter how we get from point A to point B. All manner of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, trains, dron


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