ColDE: A Depth Estimation Framework for Colonoscopy Reconstruction. (arXiv:2111.10371v1 [eess.IV])

One of the key elements of reconstructing a 3D mesh from a monocular video is
generating every frame’s depth map. However, in the application of colonoscopy
video reconstruction, producing good-quality depth estimation is challenging.
Neural networks can be easily fooled by photometric distractions or fail to
capture the complex shape of the colon surface, predicting defective shapes
that result in broken meshes. Aiming to fundamentally improve the depth
estimation quality for colonoscopy 3D reconstruction, in this work we have
designed a set of training losses to deal with the special challenges of
colonoscopy data. For better training, a set of geometric consistency
objectives was developed, using both depth and surface normal information.
Also, the classic photometric loss was extended with feature matching to
compensate for illumination noise. With the training losses powerful enough,
our self-supervised framework named ColDE is able to produce better depth maps
of colonoscopy data as compared to the previous work utilizing prior depth
knowledge. Used in reconstruction, our network is able to reconstruct
good-quality colon meshes in real-time without any post-processing, making it
the first to be clinically applicable.



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