Claims That AI Autonomous Cars Will Be Uncrashable Are False 

 Claims That AI Autonomous Cars Will Be Uncrashable Are False 

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider 

Various vendors and pundits have been claiming that AI-based self-driving cars are going to be uncrashable. I say hogwash. 

If you’ve not been following the latest news about self-driving cars, you might not have seen or heard the recent claims that self-driving cars are going to be uncrashable. To be clear, this type of talk actually (sadly) goes back numerous years. The baloney about having uncrashable self-driving cars has a lengthy history and seems to be revitalized from time to time.   

Today, in this discussion, I’d like to help put a “destroy the zombie” steel pole directly through the heart of such tripe.  

If vendors and others go around touting to everyone that self-driving cars are going to be uncrashable, it sets some wholly unsettling and unrealistic expectations. With all the potentially positive aspects that self-driving cars are going to produce (I’ll list those aspects momentarily herein), having the uncrashable allegation on the list is the bad apple in the bunch.   

The thing is, since the uncrashable mantra won’t be achievable, it mars the other realistically feasible positive aspects in the barrel of societal gains from self-driving cars.   

The public will be wondering what the heck ever happened with the uncrashable nature of self-driving cars. Where did it disappear to? And, if that element wasn’t achievable, perhaps others on the list are also tainted (the bad apple spoils the rest of the barrel). 

There are enough false impressions and exaggerations about self-driving cars, and we don’t need more to be piled onto the already stacked up pile.   

I’ll add something else to the factor about why referring to self-driving cars as presumably able to be uncrashable creates a series of problems.   

First, regulators might be so enamored of this possibility that they would be willing to take undue chances at how self-driving cars are to be regulated. Anyone that genuinely believed that self-driving cars will never crash would certainly be doing a service to society by trying to get self-driving cars on our public roadways at the soonest possible moment.    

Ponder some crucial statistics. In the United States alone, there are a reported 6.3 million car crashes per year. 

Those are just the reported car crashes; there are likely more. Another way to construe the count is to consider that there are about 700 or so car crashes every hour of every day, somewhere in the United States. International stats that account for global car crashes across all countries is a daunting set of figures and will make you feel queasy and dampen your heart.   

For the U.S., those reported car crashes generate about 2.5 million injuries per year. I’m talking about serious injuries, life-altering injuries. And the num


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