ChatGPT and Other Large Language Models as Evolutionary Engines for Online Interactive Collaborative Game Design. (arXiv:2303.02155v1 [cs.AI])

Large language models (LLMs) have taken the scientific world by storm,
changing the landscape of natural language processing and human-computer
interaction. These powerful tools can answer complex questions and,
surprisingly, perform challenging creative tasks (e.g., generate code and
applications to solve problems, write stories, pieces of music, etc.). In this
paper, we present a collaborative design framework that combines interactive
evolution and large language models to simulate the typical human design
process. We use the former to exploit users’ feedback for selecting the most
promising ideas and large language models for a very complex creative task —
the recombination and variation of ideas. In our framework, the process starts
with a brief and a set of candidate designs, either generated using a language
model or proposed by the users. Next, users collaborate on the design process
by providing feedback to an interactive genetic algorithm that selects,
recombines, and mutates the most promising designs. We evaluated our framework
on three game design tasks with human designers who collaborated remotely.



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