Branching Strategy Selection Approach Based on Vivification Ratio. (arXiv:2112.06917v1 [cs.AI])

The two most effective branching strategies LRB and VSIDS perform differently
on different types of instances. Generally, LRB is more effective on crafted
instances, while VSIDS is more effective on application ones. However,
distinguishing the types of instances is difficult. To overcome this drawback,
we propose a branching strategy selection approach based on the vivification
ratio. This approach uses the LRB branching strategy more to solve the
instances with a very low vivification ratio. We tested the instances from the
main track of SAT competitions in recent years. The results show that the
proposed approach is robust and it significantly increases the number of solved
instances. It is worth mentioning that, with the help of our approach, the
solver Maple_CM can solve more than 16 instances for the benchmark from the
2020 SAT competition.



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