BitTrain: Sparse Bitmap Compression for Memory-Efficient Training on the Edge. (arXiv:2110.15362v1 [cs.LG])

Training on the Edge enables neural networks to learn continuously from new
data after deployment on memory-constrained edge devices. Previous work is
mostly concerned with reducing the number of model parameters which is only
beneficial for inference. However, memory footprint from activations is the
main bottleneck for training on the edge. Existing incremental training methods
fine-tune the last few layers sacrificing accuracy gains from re-training the
whole model. In this work, we investigate the memory footprint of training deep
learning models, and use our observations to propose BitTrain. In BitTrain, we
exploit activation sparsity and propose a novel bitmap compression technique
that reduces the memory footprint during training. We save the activations in
our proposed bitmap compression format during the forward pass of the training,
and restore them during the backward pass for the optimizer computations. The
proposed method can be integrated seamlessly in the computation graph of modern
deep learning frameworks. Our implementation is safe by construction, and has
no negative impact on the accuracy of model training. Experimental results show
up to 34% reduction in the memory footprint at a sparsity level of 50%. Further
pruning during training results in more than 70% sparsity, which can lead to up
to 56% reduction in memory footprint. BitTrain advances the efforts towards
bringing more machine learning capabilities to edge devices. Our source code is
available at



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