Backpropagation and fuzzy algorithm Modelling to Resolve Blood Supply Chain Issues in the Covid-19 Pandemic. (arXiv:2109.02645v1 [cs.LG])

Bloodstock shortages and its uncertain demand has become a major problem for
all countries worldwide. Therefore, this study aims to provide solution to the
issues of blood distribution during the Covid-19 Pandemic at Bengkulu,
Indonesia. The Backpropagation algorithm was used to improve the possibility of
discovering available and potential donors. Furthermore, the distances, age,
and length of donation were measured to obtain the right person to donate blood
when it needed. The Backpropagation uses three input layers to classify
eligible donors, namely age, body, weight, and bias. In addition, the system
through its query automatically counts the variables via the Fuzzy Tahani and
simultaneously access the vast database.



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