AWS DeepRacer League announces 2020 Championship Cup winner Po-Chun Hsu of Taiwan

 AWS DeepRacer League announces 2020 Championship Cup winner Po-Chun Hsu of Taiwan

AWS DeepRacer is the fastest way to get rolling with machine learning (ML). It’s a fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car driven by reinforcement learning, a 3D racing simulator, and a global racing league. Throughout 2020, tens of thousands of developers honed their ML skills and competed in the League’s virtual circuit via the AWS DeepRacer console and 14 AWS Summit online events leading up to the Championship Cup at 2020 AWS re:Invent.

Developers from around the world tuned in via Twitch to watch the AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup during re:Invent. What started as a group of more than 100 developers in the knockout rounds, narrowed down to a field of 32 in the head-to-head races. The competition ultimately resulted in eight finalists facing off against each other in a Grand Prix style finale, broadcast live at AWS re:Invent. It was an exciting race all the way to the very last lap where Po-Chun Hsu from Team NCTU-CGI came from behind to take the checkered flag and the 2020 AWS DeepRacer Championship. As a grand prize, Po-Chun will receive $10,000 AWS promotional credits and an all-expenses-paid trip to an F1 Grand Prix. Congratulations, Po-Chun!

Watch all the action from the final race in the following video.

The final race was one of the most exciting we’ve seen this season and the first all-virtual Championship race. The starting grid featured JPMC-DriftKing in eighth, Karl-NAB in seventh, Robin-Castro in sixth, Condoriano in fifth, Jochem in fourth, Duckworth in third, Po-Chun-NCTU-CGI in second, and Kuei-NCTU-CGI on the pole. The action got underway at the drop of the green flag, with Po-Chun getting off to an early lead with a decisive and slick move to the inside curve on the first turn. As Po-Chun moved out to increase his lead in first place, a big pileup occurred on the first lap that gathered up the back-five racers, firmly establishing Po-Chun, Duckworth, and fellow NTCU-CGI teammate Kuei as the top three racers to watch for the remainder of the finale.

By Lap 3, Po-Chun really started to take a commanding lead, establishing a more than 7-second gap from second place Duckworth. At this point, the championship was clearly in sight for Po-Chun, while the most competitive racing was for second place between Duckworth, Karl-NAB, and Kuei with less than a second of time between them. But, just as the race looked as if it were well in hand, Po-Chun hit a snag. On Lap 4, Po-Chun spun out, giving the other racers a chance to catch up to the leader, with a second-place Duckworth eating into Po-Chun’s lead and now following by only 3 seconds.

Going into the final lap, we saw an intriguing mishap. Just as the lap began, Po-Chun spun off again. This time, Duckworth overtook him right at the lap line to take the lead for the first time. Alth


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