Attention Based Video Summaries of Live Online Zoom Classes. (arXiv:2101.06328v1 [cs.MM])

This paper describes a system developed to help University students get more
from their online lectures, tutorials, laboratory and other live sessions. We
do this by logging their attention levels on their laptops during live Zoom
sessions and providing them with personalised video summaries of those live
sessions. Using facial attention analysis software we create personalised video
summaries composed of just the parts where a student’s attention was below some
threshold. We can also factor in other criteria into video summary generation
such as parts where the student was not paying attention while others in the
class were, and parts of the video that other students have replayed
extensively which a given student has not. Attention and usage based video
summaries of live classes are a form of personalised content, they are
educational video segments recommended to highlight important parts of live
sessions, useful in both topic understanding and in exam preparation. The
system also allows a Professor to review the aggregated attention levels of
those in a class who attended a live session and logged their attention levels.
This allows her to see which parts of the live activity students were paying
most, and least, attention to. The Help-Me-Watch system is deployed and in use
at our University in a way that protects student’s personal data, operating in
a GDPR-compliant way.



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