AR-based Modern Healthcare: A Review. (arXiv:2101.06364v1 [cs.CY])

The recent advances of Augmented Reality (AR) in healthcare have shown that
technology is a significant part of the current healthcare system. In recent
days, augmented reality has proposed numerous smart applications in healthcare
domain including wearable access, telemedicine, remote surgery, diagnosis of
medical reports, emergency medicine, etc. The aim of the developed augmented
healthcare application is to improve patient care, increase efficiency, and
decrease costs. This article puts on an effort to review the advances in
AR-based healthcare technologies and goes to peek into the strategies that are
being taken to further this branch of technology. This article explores the
important services of augmented-based healthcare solutions and throws light on
recently invented ones as well as their respective platforms. It also addresses
concurrent concerns and their relevant future challenges. In addition, this
paper analyzes distinct AR security and privacy including security requirements
and attack terminologies. Furthermore, this paper proposes a security model to
minimize security risks. Augmented reality advantages in healthcare, especially
for operating surgery, emergency diagnosis, and medical training is being
demonstrated here thorough proper analysis. To say the least, the article
illustrates a complete overview of augmented reality technology in the modern
healthcare sector by demonstrating its impacts, advancements, current
vulnerabilities; future challenges, and concludes with recommendations to a new
direction for further research.



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