An Automated Power Conservation System (APCS) using Particle Photon and Smartphone. (arXiv:2305.11889v1 [cs.HC])

Nowadays, people use electricity in all aspects of their lives so that
electricity consumption increases gradually. There can be wastage of
electricity due to various reasons, such as human negligence, daylighting, etc.
Hence, conservation of energy is the need of the day. This paper deals with the
fabrication of an “Automated Power Conservation System (APCS)” that has
multiple benefits like saving on power consumption there by saving on
electricity bills of the organization, eliminating human involvement and
manpower which is often required to manually toggle the lights and electrical
devices on/off, and last but most importantly conserve the precious natural
resources by reducing electrical energy consumption. Two IR sensors are used in
this project and these two sensors are used for detecting the presence of a
person in the classroom. When the existence of the person is detected by the
APCS it automatically turns on the fans and lights in that classroom and during
the absence they will be automatically turned off, thus paving the easiest way
to conserve power. This hardware is integrated with the Android app, where the
user can get data on his smartphone regarding the number of fans and lights
that are turned on at a particular instance of time. The user can also switch
on/off the fans and lights from anywhere in the world by using the Android App.



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