Alice, Bob, and the average shadow of a cube

Alice, Bob, and the average shadow of a cube

A tale of two problem solvers.
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Curious why a sphere’s surface area is exactly four times its shadow?

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I first heard this puzzle in a problem-solving seminar at Stanford, but the general result about all convex solids was originally proved by Cauchy.
Mémoire sur la rectification des courbes et la quadrature des surfaces courbes par M. Augustin Cauchy

The artwork in this video was done by Kurt Bruns


0:00 – The players
5:22 – How to start
9:12 – Alice’s initial thoughts
13:37 – Piecing together the cube
22:11 – Bob’s conclusion
29:58 – Alice’s conclusion
34:09 – Which is better?
38:59 – Homework


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