AI Potentiality and Awareness: A Position Paper from the Perspective of Human-AI Teaming in Cybersecurity. (arXiv:2310.12162v1 [cs.CR])

This position paper explores the broad landscape of AI potentiality in the
context of cybersecurity, with a particular emphasis on its possible risk
factors with awareness, which can be managed by incorporating human experts in
the loop, i.e., “Human-AI” teaming. As artificial intelligence (AI)
technologies advance, they will provide unparalleled opportunities for attack
identification, incident response, and recovery. However, the successful
deployment of AI into cybersecurity measures necessitates an in-depth
understanding of its capabilities, challenges, and ethical and legal
implications to handle associated risk factors in real-world application areas.
Towards this, we emphasize the importance of a balanced approach that
incorporates AI’s computational power with human expertise. AI systems may
proactively discover vulnerabilities and detect anomalies through pattern
recognition, and predictive modeling, significantly enhancing speed and
accuracy. Human experts can explain AI-generated decisions to stakeholders,
regulators, and end-users in critical situations, ensuring responsibility and
accountability, which helps establish trust in AI-driven security solutions.
Therefore, in this position paper, we argue that human-AI teaming is worthwhile
in cybersecurity, in which human expertise such as intuition, critical
thinking, or contextual understanding is combined with AI’s computational power
to improve overall cyber defenses.



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