AI Autonomous Cars To Ultimately Bolster The Christmas Holidays 

 AI Autonomous Cars To Ultimately Bolster The Christmas Holidays 

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider  

This year seems to have been rather bleak and had an untold number of adverse tidings, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to end the year on something a bit more upbeat.   

I dare say that the Christmas season is upon us and there is a moment of joy in the air. Homes are festooned with ornaments and sparkling lights. Songs and the music of the season can be heard on our radios and online. One way or another, we strive to persevere and seek to ensure that there is something heartwarming to cling to this holiday.   

Okay, with that rather spirited opening, I don’t want to spoil the mood, yet there is an aspect that still seems to be annoying and exasperating, namely the abundance of unruly traffic on our highways and byways.   

It seems nearly unimaginable to discover that car drivers are just as rude as always. How can that be? Wouldn’t it seem logical and sensible for drivers this year to be especially civil and polite to each other? Apparently, not so. 

Frustrations abound. Driving to do simple errands can be a chore. I’ve witnessed horn-honking traffic jams. There have been drivers that cut off other drivers. Much of the time, you find yourself shaking your head in sadness and disgust that the holiday spirit seems to not enter people’s minds when they are driving their cars, and instead they appear to be overcome by a selfish get-out-of-my-way take-no-prisoners attitude.   

Last year, according to national statistics, approximately 100 million Americans traveled 50 miles or more from home during the Christmas holiday period, and nearly 90% of that travel was done on the roadways (versus flying or say taking a train). Presumably, the amount of seasonal travel will drop significantly this year, though we’ll need to see the final tally once the year is over.   

All told, there is way too much frustration and angst involved in the roadway traveling during the holidays, and it’s a darned shame that there’s seemingly nothing that can be done to avert the anguish.   

Wait a minute, maybe Santa has something for us that can help.   

Here’s a question to ponder: Will the advent of AI-based autonomous self-driving cars provide some relief from the holiday angst and aid in making the season as wonderful as it ought to be?   

I say yes. I exclaim to the rooftops, yes! Let’s unpack the matter (and make sure to put a bow on it too).   

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