AI Autonomous Cars Might Not Know They Were In A Car Crash 

 AI Autonomous Cars Might Not Know They Were In A Car Crash 

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider  

I’d bet that most of us would agree that if you have ever been in a car crash, you know that you were in a car crash.   

This seems perhaps absurdly obvious, but do not let your gut instincts lead you astray. In theory, you could have a fender bender and perhaps be oblivious to it, though this seems to raise eyebrows as to how distracted a driver you must be to not have felt the impact.   

All in all, it is relatively sensible to assert that people would usually know when they’ve been in a car crash. I’ll clarify in a moment why that’s an important point, so hang onto that thought.   

When referring to car crashes, for convenience’s sake herein, let’s agree that a car crash is widely defined and can encompass a variety of car-related adverse incidents, including outright head-on collisions, minor fender-benders, sideswipes, frightening rollovers, being rear-ended, destructive pile-ups, and even demonstrative dents and pings by striking objects or getting stricken by flying debris, etc.   

I hesitate to admit that I’ve logged several of my own sad tales of car crash woes.   

In one especially scary instance, a car rammed into me from behind, shoving my car into the vehicle ahead of me. I suppose this is an example of a twofer, namely two car crashes for the price of one. On another occasion, a car sideswiped me, while underway in my prized automobile, tearing off completely the side view mirror, along with creating lengthy scratches and dents along the entire side. I’ve had a golf ball skyrocket from out of nowhere (actually, while driving past a golf course), busting up my front windshield.   

Perhaps the most unusual circumstance involved a pickup truck ahead of me on the freeway that opted to absentmindedly let a half-dozen cans full of paint flop off the back of the truck. In this situation and with no time to react and no viable options to veer away, I drove directly over those scattering cans of paint. They bounced up and down at 65 miles per hour under my car, damaging some of the underbody areas of the vehicle. Also, they cracked open and spilled white paint all over the underside and somewhat onto the bottom exteriors of my car.   

Later on, some pals chided me for being upset about the incident and said there was no reason to cry over spilled (paint) milk. Of course, it is easier to laugh about it now, though at the time it decidedly did not seem to be a laughing matter. 

Anyway, we all inevitably seem to have our tales of woe about car crashes. 

Sometimes referred to formally as Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) or Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC), we get into them quite a bit. According to statistics by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are approximately six million car cra


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