A Roadmap for Greater Public Use of Privacy-Sensitive Government Data: Workshop Report. (arXiv:2208.01636v1 [cs.CR])

Government agencies collect and manage a wide range of ever-growing datasets.
While such data has the potential to support research and evidence-based policy
making, there are concerns that the dissemination of such data could infringe
upon the privacy of the individuals (or organizations) from whom such data was
collected. To appraise the current state of data sharing, as well as learn
about opportunities for stimulating such sharing at a faster pace, a virtual
workshop was held on May 21st and 26th, 2021, sponsored by the National Science
Foundation and National Institute of Standards and Technologies, where a
multinational collection of researchers and practitioners were brought together
to discuss their experiences and learn about recently developed technologies
for managing privacy while sharing data. The workshop specifically focused on
challenges and successes in government data sharing at various levels. The
first day focused on successful examples of new technology applied to sharing
of public data, including formal privacy techniques, synthetic data, and
cryptographic approaches. Day two emphasized brainstorming sessions on some of
the challenges and directions to address them.

Source: https://arxiv.org/abs/2208.01636


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