A Framework for Understanding AI-Induced Field Change: How AI Technologies are Legitimized and Institutionalized. (arXiv:2108.07804v1 [cs.CY])

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems operate in increasingly diverse areas,
from healthcare to facial recognition, the stock market, autonomous vehicles,
and so on. While the underlying digital infrastructure of AI systems is
developing rapidly, each area of implementation is subject to different degrees
and processes of legitimization. By combining elements from institutional
theory and information systems-theory, this paper presents a conceptual
framework to analyze and understand AI-induced field-change. The introduction
of novel AI-agents into new or existing fields creates a dynamic in which
algorithms (re)shape organizations and institutions while existing
institutional infrastructures determine the scope and speed at which
organizational change is allowed to occur. Where institutional infrastructure
and governance arrangements, such as standards, rules, and regulations, still
are unelaborate, the field can move fast but is also more likely to be
contested. The institutional infrastructure surrounding AI-induced fields is
generally little elaborated, which could be an obstacle to the broader
institutionalization of AI-systems going forward.

Source: https://arxiv.org/abs/2108.07804


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