A few of the best math explainers from this summer

A few of the best math explainers from this summer

Take a look at the full playlist (really): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJWnA4j0_ho&list=PLnQX-jgAF5pTkwtUuVpqS5tuWmJ-6ZM-Z
Blog post with more details: https://3b1b.co/some1-results
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Typo at 2:00, it should read "Burkard Polster"

Videos and posts mentioned here.

That weird light at the bottom of a mug — ENVELOPES

Hiding Images in Plain Sight: The Physics Of Magic Windows

The Beauty of Bézier Curves

What Is The Most Complicated Lock Pattern?

Pick’s theorem: The wrong, amazing proof

Dirac’s belt trick, Topology, and Spin ½ particles

Galois-Free Guarantee! | The Insolubility of the Quintic

The Two Envelope Problem – a Mystifying Probability Paradox

The Math Behind Font Rasterization | How it Works

What is a Spinor?

What is a Spinor?

Understanding e

Ancient Multiplication Trick


Lehmer Factor Stencils

What is the limit of a sequence of graphs?

Steiner’s Porism: proving a cool animation

Wait, Probabilities can be Negative?!

This random graph fact will blow your mind

Why is pi here? Estimating π by Buffon’s n̶e̶e̶d̶l̶e noodle!

Introduction to Waves

Complex Functions

I spent an entire summer finding this spiral

HACKENBUSH: a window to a new world of math

The Tale of the Lights Puzzle

The BEST Way to Find a Random Point in a Circle

Secrets of the Fibonacci Tiles

The Tale of Three Triangles

How Karatsuba’s algorithm gave us new ways to multiply

Can you change a sum by rearranging its numbers? — The Riemann Series Theorem

Neural manifolds – The Geometry of Behaviour


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Music by Vincent Rubinetti.

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2:17 – Winners
7:24 – Honorable mentions


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