25 Math explainers you may enjoy | SoME3 results

25 Math explainers you may enjoy | SoME3 results

Playlist of all entries: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnQX-jgAF5pQS2GUFCsatSyZkSH7e8UM8
Thank you to Jane Street, both for funding the event, and providing eager and able guest judges to the final stages of the process.

Organization and logistics were handled by James Schloss, aka @LeiosLabs

Web development by Frédéric Crozatier

0:00 – The event
1:34 – Pixel Art Anti-aliasing
2:26 – The Enola Gay
3:40 – Pitch shifter
4:14 – Cayley Graphs
4:51 – Longest Increasing Subsequence
5:49 – Matrix Arcade
6:37 – Watching Neural Networks Learn
7:18 – Functions are vectors
7:38 – The art of linear programming
8:13 – Backburner problems
9:24 – Affording a planet
9:56 – When can’t math be generalized
10:49 – Rotation + Translation = Rotation
11:33 – Rethinking the real line
12:16 – Egyptian volumes
13:05 – A circular motion quirk
13:40 – Minimal surfaces
14:47 – Computing logs
15:19 – Mediants
16:17 – The shadow game
16:43 – Chasing Fixed Points
17:24 – Representing numbers
18:11 – Mirror ball
18:34 – String art
19:36 – Infinity
20:52 – Thanks


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All code for specific videos is visible here:

The music is by Vincent Rubinetti.


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