2021 Predictions: Focus on People; See Nuances with Emotion AI; Turn to RPA Bots 

 2021 Predictions: Focus on People; See Nuances with Emotion AI; Turn to RPA Bots 

By AI Trends Staff 

[Ed. Note: We have heard from a range of AI practitioners for their predictions on AI Trends in 2021. Here are predictions from a selection of those writing.] 

Prince Kohli, CTO, Automation Anywhere

Prince Kohli, CTO, Automation Anywhere:  

Bots will help businesses scale to meet increased customer service requests: “Many businesses across the world will turn to RPA [robotic process automation] to scale their customer support and front office efforts due to its simplicity and on-demand nature, allowing humans to focus on higher-value tasks and driving efficiency while creating a more meaningful form of engagement with their customers. This will have a resonance in sectors such as travel which have been devastated by COVID-19 and also in others as they look to grow again in the most efficient manner.”  

RPA bots and personal health devices mark a dramatic milestone in the future of health: “RPA, combined with advancements in health monitoring devices such as the Apple Watch, will be one of the most important technological tandems ever created. Through most of human existence on Earth, we’ve had a very limited understanding of our body’s vital stats outside a hospital. Now, these IoT devices can measure our vitals 24/7 and are continuing to add new measurement capabilities. While humans would be unable to parse the deluge of data and see trends across data streams, bots can do this with ease—providing unparalleled healthcare monitoring, alerting, and actionable capabilities that we are just now beginning to realize.” 


Kimberly Nevala, AI Strategic Advisor, SAS: 

The Analytics “Core” Gets Reinforced: The pandemic upended expected business trajectories and exposed the weaknesses in machine learning systems dependent on large amounts of representative historical data, including well-bounded and reasonably predictable patterns. As a result, organizations will bolster investments in traditional analytics teams and techniques better suited to rapid data discovery and hypothesizing. 


Sarah Gates, Analytics Strategist, SAS: 

The Year of ModelOpsPressures created by COVID-19 have raised organizational awareness of and need for ModelOps—the holistic approach used to rapidly move mathematical models through the analytics lifecycle, delivering value and insights faster. For organizations wanting to accelerate their digital transformation and to rev up agility and competitiveness, ModelOps is the magic fairy dust that will make it possible. 


Bill Scudder, GM of AIoT Solutions, Aspen Technology, Inc.:  

In 2021, industrial organizations will pivot to a business-first mindset. An increased emphasis will be on applying AI technology to domain-specific industrial challenges with a focus on business outcomes. While exploring and identifying i


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